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Your first paragraph ...When you tour with Allan Pacheco you pass by and go through some places that are haunted or have had paranormal activity.  Bring you gear, be prepared!  Below outside of the haunted/ historic OLDEST HOUSE in the USA, dowsing rods picked up activity at this place!

To the right of the above picture is the BELOW curio shop, which is inside the EAST end of the OLDEST HOUSE. The below picture is looking out at the OLDEST CHURCH from inside the curio shop... The church across the street, a huge building, is also a X SPOT for hauntings.  All kinds of readings be it electric, or magnetic on ghostometers have been registered on this street.  Likewise EVP devices have hit pay dirt at this haunted and historic location.

On a ghost tour (Above) Shirley & Mat got a white out, this photo was taken as an energy swept by them (A GHOST).  The below photo is from 1958 of this ominous courtyard and balcony of where the photo was shot.   Sometimes Allan's tours are a combination of the film "THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN" and the television series "IN SEARCH OF". 


SANTA FE GHOST AND HISTORY TOURS -- On your ghost tour bring your dowsing rods and ghostometers, sometimes people on Allan's private tours hit pay dirt as in something was there and -- and sometimes photos are taken of something from parts unknown.

Below: Beyond the pillars is a graveyard.  This area is nowhere as active as other places that the MOON SPINNERS TOUR went. 

This is not a good photo, but something was caught on the camera and it jammed, some type of light in the dark towers area, and the IPHONE kept repeating a odd song... YES, like something out of the movie "THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN", but this was legit.

ABOVE: Tourists, ghost hunter, photographers, adventurers who are looking for a superb SANTA FE TOUR --- get ALLAN for your guide. BELOW: IN the plaza at the end of a fun SANTA FE SAFARI.  WINTER or SUMMER, day or night, ALLAN is available 505-986-5002.

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Below: THE ENCHANTED COURTYARD --- SENA PLAZA --- YES, the pace is haunted as well. 

Below: Winter GHOST & HISTORY TOUR at the PLAZA Fiesta platform. 

Winter or summer --- Allan does tours -- he even does daytime ghost tours! -- Allan Pacheco's tours are interesting, fun and done at a comfortable pace.  Below this lady saw something at what was then the old abandoned hospital, it is now the DRURY HOTEL. At the time this picture was taken many years ago, the old hospital was being remodeled. SO did she see a worker at night in a window or a ghost in one of the upper floors dark windows?  There was a lot of orb activity at this place while it was being remodeled. HOWEVER --- there was no no construction going on at night, the lights were on for --- left on by mistake?  In the past the security guards, two or three on duty --- worked only with flashlights and were stationed outside of the building to make sure nobody got in... However --- this sighting was not done in a lighted room but n one of the dark rooms above the lighted rooms, was it an orb or a security guard.  Allan was told it was not a flashlight, this picture is right after the sighting. Some people say they can see the surprise or shock in the lady's body movement. 

Below: Something taken on a GHOST HUNTER TOUR SANTA FE, the camera moved to fast in the dark and it the photo is blurred but this was what came out. Allan's tour was in a area -- near what is now called the BLAIR WITCH PATCH which through the centuries has been linked to all kinds of mayhem and paranormal activity. Skeptics will say it is trick of light. However, ghost beams have been taken on ALLAN's tours. 

Below. Proof or data for the skeptics.  The photo which is on two other pages on this website was put here to compare with the above and below photos... The ghost beam snapshot or white beam was taken on Allan's tour in a very haunted old Santa Fe building.  This photo is a clearer version of these type of beams that are sometimes photographed on Allan's tours.  IT is rare that this happens, but on this tour ALLAN's group ran into some PARANORMAL DELUXE! 

Below: A photo sent to ALLAN, of a ghost beam, there is no info on this photo, but it does have the characteristics of the above two photos.  However this photo is not on a pathway or in a building but in a graveyard.  POINT IS!!! ON Allan's tour, take photos and bring your ghost hunger gear.


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