The Devils Road cuts through the Pecos Triangle, which is an area where people through the centuries have mysterious disappeared. As odd as that may read, this location East & Southeast of Santa Fe is home to some baffling vanishings. Below are photos and data concerning this enigmatic road and tract. 

BELOW: Tour Guide & Author, Allan Pacheco = with his Mare's Leg, he is prepared for anything on this investigation.  Allan is not going to vanish, or at least not without a fight.

Through the centuries this area which is now known as the PECOS TRIANGLE, which Devils Road cuts through, has been known for its vanishings.  Before the Spaniards came to this area in the 1500s the Pecos Indians that lived in this vicinity of where Devils Road is located were wary of this land. Why? Because El Viveron lived out in the wilds. This mythical monster -beast-shapeshifter or … would prey upon those that encountered it.

When people would vanish from the Pecos Pueblo while out in the mountains or forests, the tribes people would think that El Viveron had struck again.  

So what is El Viveron, a giant reptile, a huge snake, a bipod reptilian creature, a shapeshifter that comes through a stargate or doorway from another dimension or world?  Or is El Viverion a big lie, there is no such things.

One thing is certain is that since the 1500s, when records started being kept by the Europeans that explored this area and settled it.  People have been going missing, as in vanished without a trace where El Viveron supposedly wandered or slithered.

Emma Treps was on Devils Road in 1998, like many people before her in this area, she vanished into thin air.  Treps story is on the previous page, that you the reader entered on.

Geography: Devil's Road is a continuation of a old county road, the county road is a easy graded dirt lane that can be traveled on by a family car during spring through fall. Then the county road turns bad and only a 4 Wheel vehicle can safely navigate the rough, furrowed, obstacle  strewn  road.

There are plenty of sighns at where Devils Road begins, warning signs that the road is unkept and dangerous.  You can not miss these signs, and the road itself tells a driver that this area can only be traveled safely by an all terrain vehicle.

Why would Treps  go up this terrible road, (DEVILS ROAD) was something chasing her? Was she mesmerized or frightened to the point that she had to go up Devils Road?

SOme people speculate Treps became lost and went down the wrong road looking for  the monastery that she was going to take a retreat at. This does not make sense. SHe had been to the monastery before and knew how to get there. YOu have to pass through the village of Pecos to get to it, you do nt take a county road that is near impassable.

Other sleuths think Treps went down the county road then onto Devils ROad to look at the foliage and views. Again, this does nat make sense.  The road that she traveled on  jars the car to the point of breaking it, that is how furrowed the lane is. Nobody in there right mind would keep going down this road, by way of looking at foliage.

Another oddity, is that Treps car  navigated a lot of the bad trenched eroded road, before her car got stuck. 

The police report is that Treps car was high centered and that is why her Treps left her auto. That may or may not be true, due to investigation negligence I have found in previous  reports from the authorities. 

When Treps's car was found, there was no sign of struggle or robbery. All of Treps belonging were  untouched, her suitcases had not been gone through.  The small amount of money in the car had not been touched. No foreign finger prints were found in the auto.

Treps by all accounts was a seasoned world traveler. SHe had gone to Europe  and Egypt many times.

Treps did not leave a SOS letter on the dashboard, she did not put in lipstick any type of message on her  door or windows.

What was found was her footsteps that circled her carr. That is where her footsteps end,  they do not go up or down  or into the sides of DEVILS ROAD. Its as if Traps walked around her car and then disappeared. How can that happen. 

Furthermore why would  this lady go so deep into Devils Road? Again was she being chased, as in did she see something or hear something unworldly that led her to drive down a rugged road sealed her doom?

Another point to ponder, in her car on the passenger seat was her purse and cell phone. Why would an experienced traveler leave those things in her car?

Did something frighten her out of her car, and she fled around it. Is it possible that some energy got into her car and scared her so she had to run around her vehicle? 

Some people who have heard La Llorona a NM BANSHEE, while driving on county dirt roads, swear that the sound seemed to come from right inside the car.

Any ideas on Treps or anybody else's mysterious vanishings in this area, shoot me an email with info or theory.

To the right and below are photos of Devils Road,  the lane turns into a road that is so rough, it can break your auto's axle or oil pan.

RIGHT:Marker put up where EMMA Treps car was found, how she got this far on DEVILS ROAD is a wonder. There are steep inclines on this road in this area. 

BELOW RIGHT: THis photo shows fellow investigator R.C. walking up DEVILS ROAD, note the incline. This is where TREPS's car was found.  Th marker for Treps is in the center of the picture, below the odd purple dots.  Some Weird Beard claim they can see a stargaze or port in the right top of picture opening or closing. I think it is a trick of light. I HOPE it is shadows. however this is the exact spot where Treps foot prints truncate!

At first the road is fine, once it gets past the old county road sign, the lane becomes rough stuff and eventually the wagon path turns into DEVILS ROAD. At the glove marker the road gets rougher and rougher. This is where people vanish.

From roughly this sign onward DEVILS ROAD GET rough and is filled with trenches and inclines + large rocks and fallen trees, that one squeezes by.

BELOW: R.C. the energy at where EMMA TREPS vanished is odd, R.C. expression matches the vibe of the area. What happened to TREPS? At this place, where the monument is, a woman vanished into thin air. INCREDIBLE! 

At the end of Devils Road is a old abandoned fire tower (DEVILS TOWER) that is said to have been installed at this place during the 1930s.

At this location and near it, strange lights have been seen. Not lights from partiers, but odd bursts of white energy, also UFO activity has been noted in this region. One of the odd things about this tower, is that the steps going up to the second level have been removed, but the steps from the 2nd sort are brand new and bolted inlace. One wonders who is visiting this tower and for what reason?