THE FACTS ARE: People disappear in the PECOS TRIANGLE without any clues of what befell them. Below = info & photos concerning 63A which turns into DEVILS ROAD or BALDY ROAD, ABANDONED FIRE TOWER ROAD, SHADOW ROAD, etc.., this is the lane where EMMA TRESP vanished into thin air.  IF you have any info or theories contact ALLAN at santfewriter@me.com or call his ghost tour booking phone 505-986-5002

At first 63A is a easy drive,  note in these pictures on this page how the road goes from easy grade to wilderness path.

63A goes from smooth to badly rutted, then back to smooth. THEN! The  road becomes rough to the tenth power. IT DOES NOT MATTER, if it is open to the sky or under canopy trees, the road can be very difficult, due to rocks and erosion.

After this sign the road becomes very difficult to navigate, even with a 4 wheel drive vehicle, you can break an axle.. Above RC pointing to the warning sign. Beyond this point---good luck! Below this is the vehicle ALLAN used on his last investigation of this strange area. EL CAMINO DEL DIABLO.

Below no idea what these strips mean on this tree, kind of creepy if you have imagination it means: GO BACK! Or come forward and take your chances. This road, whatever it is called, DEVIL ROAD, AXLE BREAKER ROAD, SHADOW ROAD, CAMINO DEL DIABLO, DANGER ROAD, CAMINO PELIGROSO,= the weird beards named it right. 

Farther into the glades, the road becomes darker and more difficult to travel. Above & below.  I find it hard to believe that EMMA did not crash before she got to where her car was found.  The road in parts is beyond belief bumpy, no pictures of that area were taken because one was being bounce around violently. I cannot see how an elderly lady did not  break her wrists on the steering wheel or go off the road, when the car went over  the bumpy areas of this road.

These pictures above and below do not show how unforgiving and steep this terrain is. THE ROAD IS BONE JARRRRRRRING. 

Below is a memorial to the missing Emma Tresp. Her car was found here, note how steep the road is. Her family came out here in 4 wheel drive vehicle and put up this memorial. What is curious, is that Emma got out of her car walked around her vehicle and then for all intents and purposes vanished.  There were no tracks of her going up or down the road or into the trees on either side of the lane. She left her purse and cell phone in the car, what made her go up this road? Below--Allan Pacheco points to the memorial.

Below: RC walks up a deceptively steep incline. Emma Tresp was in a regular car, not in a off road vehicle.  Did something paranormal chase her or lure this way?  No clothing or bones or anything has been found of this woman. Tracking dogs, searchers, have not found any clues. There were no signs of struggle around the car, or of somebody trying to get into her car.

The TRESP family is offering a $20,000 reward for info on what happened to EMMA FRANCES TRESP, that is a good incentive, yet nobody has brought any info forward.  In NEW MEXICO, when crimes (FOUL PLAY) has occurred, it is common that that the car and body is then burned.  However the constables think foul play was not involved in EMMA's vanishing. WHY? None of Emma's belongings were gone through (SUITCASES) and  the change in her car was left.  Usually when foul play happens in isolated places, the belongings are throughly picked over and no change is left in the vehicle. 

So what happened here? What happened beyond this ridge, as in where Mel Nadel vanished without a trace or Amos Browning, etc..?  The eccentrics say --- its the PECOS TRIANGLE thats what happened.

At the end of this road is an abandoned fire tower and Allan + RC found this. These rocks are heavy, somebody did some heavy lifting to build this camp fire pit.  In the fire pit was some  match covers/ matchbooks from the VIRGIN RIVER CASINO, no idea where that is at or if there is any significance to that name and this place as compared to this place.  There was some melted glass, plastic and crystal in and around the firepit.  VIRGIN RIVER CASINO, is there some type of occult link with that name?  And with all the strange things that have happened up here...  

A ZILLION TO ONE ODDS... Due to the tragedy of the OCT1, 2017 VEGAS MASSACRE, the location of the VIRGIN RIVER CASINO has been in the media. NOW one knows where the match covers/matchbooks came from   ......................................................................... This VIRGIN RIVER casino hotel is located in MESQUITE, NEVADA, it was frequented by killer STEPHEN PADDOCK and his Philippina lover/mistress Marilou Danley.   The casino/hotel is a small place, it is not a place where the world meets.  ------------------------------------------  YET, up here in the TRIANGLE off of what some people call DEVIL's Road, Allan finds some match books, from the VIRGIN RIVER CASINO..             ---------------------------------- In the picture below you can see one of the spent matchbooks/MATCHCOVERS in the fire pit.  ///////////////////////////// How curious, of all the matchbooks in the world, out in the middle of nowhere, the matchbooks or matchcovers from a place that nobody had heard of prior to the Vegas tragedy is found in an area where people vanish. ====================== In this area (in the past)  the geiger counter has gone wild - (wild to ALLAN is PPM pulse per minute from roughly 75 -125  at its lowest ebb is 65)   added to that  is other devices have registered something.    -----------------------------------------------MORE ODDITIES -----  Mysterious lights or ghostly shadows along with  UFOS and military helicopters in this area have been seen --- the PECOS TRIANGLE. .... YEAH it does read as strange, but what is stranger is in that people vanish and not a shred of clothing or bone is ever found /// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////  BACK OT THE MATCHES  -----    The weird beards think the odds are a zillion to one that matchbooks or matchcovers from a casino hotel that are linked to the mysterious killer PADDOCK would be found up here in the Pecos TRIANGLE, in an area where Emma Tresp and others have vanished. .........................................   According to the weird beards,  finding these matches or matchbooks is like finding something connected to the TITANIC sinking thousand of miles inland! ------------------------------  Allan thinks that is stretching it... However Allan runs hot and cold in how this area attracts oddities.

Left Above & Above as of OCTOBER 2017 - VIRGIN RIVER logo = same as matchbook covers in fire pit.  What are the odds?   

 Some wild tales have occult groups coming up to this area of PECOS where they do there evil thaaaaang.  What is fact, is that there were no other footprints around the area where EMMA TRESP and MEL NADEL vanished. No animal prints, no blood, no sign of a struggle, they and others have just vanished. SO is this fire pit, proof that some cult or BLACK OPS was up here, NO.  Not at all, but who ever made the fire pit took some time to do a nice job with rocks, most fire pits out in the wild are just a few rocks around a dirt pit. 


Since the Vegas massacre questions have come up about the finding of the matches  from the VIRGIN CASINO (MESQUITE, NEVADA). The matches were found before the OCTOBER 1, 2017 massacre.. The matches were found during an investigation for EMMA TRESP in October 2016.  Prior to the Vegas Massacre, Allan and his fellow investigators did not have a clue to what the VIRGIN RIVER CASINO was about, but they did think it was a creepy name on the matchbook covers as in what has happened in this location with all the missing...  Furthermore, people have told ALLAN or claimed that it is a million to one find.  As in, match book covers from that hole in the wall casino being found at or near a place where people go missing and that casino is the news as in that is where the gunman PADDOCK of the VEGAS MASSACRE OCT 1, 2017  used to frequent --- the VIRGIN RIVER CASINO, in MESQUITE, NEVADA... Okay... SO what?   According to the WEIRD BEARDS that of all the match book covers in the world, at this location near where people vanish, these match book covers are found and the match book covers belong to a place of where this mass murderer used to hang out.. AND, this is a location where people have gone missing...vanished into thin air....  The next question Allan gets, besides the strange GIEGER COUNTER readings that were found at where EMMA vanished, was anything  else that was curios found? MAYBE... Below is a photo, on the investigation of where Ema Tresp vanished, behind a stand of trees that flanks the dirt road, near the campfire was a stump with a direction rock.  It is presumed to be a direction rock by how it is pointed.  Or a handoff area, as in something is placed here and then picked up later,  be it message, or items  or satchel etc... Kind of curious that in this specific area this is all found, and further up the  road is the TOWER, that looks like it has been used even though it has been abandoned for ages.  SO what is they place, something out of a FILM NOIR espionage story combined with a PARA NORMAL theme of some type of stargate or dimensional doorway?  This is A STRANGE PLACE and the mysterious vanishings, and what is found in this area, it does not add up..  


During the initial early evening search  for EMMA TRESp, some of the authorities and the search dogs got spooked.  Yes that is a fact, but it will no doubt be denied.  SO what is out there that is frightening?  Hunters and eccentrics, that have been out there have been spooked and have seen a ghostly form or shape shifting  thaaang out there, and this way before TRESP and NADEL's vanishings.  Something is not right out there, and this place takes lives.  One wonders if this place or the mystery of what happened here is linked to the 1973 LARRY incident?  Info on that happening will be out later this year in text, that true to life search is as tragic and even stranger than the Tresp vanishing.

 IN the years since this event, no clothing or bones have been found. It seems, Mel & Emma, vanished into thin air.
BELOW: ANOTHER VANISHING --- again -- no clues were ever found!