This page = Eyewitness Accounts & Video of an ALIEN-BROADCAST  --- YES - E.T. contacted Earth by way of highjacking a live NEWS Program in 1977!  Scroll down for proof.  Plus UFO DATA. 

ALIEN-BROADCAST  --- PROOF!  It seems different civilizations from parts unknown are watching Earth and interacting -- be it by way of abductions or by a bizzaro message.  This story is incredible -- beings from who knows where interrupted  a news program in England and a message was heard by those taht were tuned into the nightly news program.  Reader you decide, if this page is a compilation of hoaxes and lies, or this data has merit.  But please be open minded about the material on this page..

Interestingly--This ENGLISH ALIEN-BROADCAST is not the first time something strange has happened as far as outer space contact, but this evidence from 1977 is the most complete or has not been erased.

What, another ALIEN-BROADCAST?   In 1953 a strange occurrence happened between a tv station in HOUSTON, TEXAS and a television station and its viewing pubic in the UK..  Likewise in 1976 a strange incident happen in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but this involved a series of voices describing a live UFO episode.  

Are there other ALIEN-BROADCAST incidents  -- legit ---  as in contact by way of television.  Probably --- 

Below is  ---  ALIEN-BROADCAST --- FROM 1977... ENJOY   

Something is out there and at times different alien species or energies do visit planet Earth -- below are  two videos that pertain to a supposed ALIEN-BROADCAST from 1977, that went over English television -- SOUTHERN ENGLAND -- NOT LONDON ... Skeptics think this transmission was a hoax, other think it was a test done by the government to see how the populous would react.  Others (UFO-CLUBS or associations) claimed the interruption was legit, it was a message from an alien race -- be it the Grays, the Nordics or ? 

BELOW:  ALIEN-BROADCAST  ---  Closed caption translation --- as Artie Johnons on the old "LAUGH IN" tv program would have said, "VERY INTERESTING."


This is the voice of VRILLON, a representative of the ASHTAR GALACTIC COMAND, speaking to you. From many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters over this, your planet Earth.

WE come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings. the cause you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you.

This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius.

The NEW AGE can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments. Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. 

All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part of may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy of this.

You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exists to pass on the light of the dawning of the NEW AGE to you all. You are free to accept  or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. Hear now the voice of VRILLON, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you.

You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you, and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. This is our message to our dear friends.

WE have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in the skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings ON and around your Earth than your scientists admit.

We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards th light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the the ways of your planet Earth.

We here at the Ashar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the planes of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.


Here is a full translation done by Ilse Von Jacobi from the book “The UFO Sighting Over Nuremberg in 1561,” as cited by Wikipedia & EPOCH TIMES: 

In the morning of April 14, 1561, at daybreak, between 4 and 5 a.m., a dreadful apparition occurred on the sun, and then this was seen in Nuremberg in the city, before the gates and in the country – by many men and women. At first there appeared in the middle of the sun two blood-red semi-circular arcs, just like the moon in its last quarter. And in the sun, above and below and on both sides, the color was blood, there stood a round ball of partly dull, partly black ferrous color. Likewise there stood on both sides and as a torus about the sun such blood-red ones and other balls in large number, about three in a line and four in a square, also some alone. In between these globes there were visible a few blood-red crosses, between which there were blood-red strips, becoming thicker to the rear and in the front malleable like the rods of reed-grass, which were intermingled, among them two big rods, one on the right, the other to the left, and within the small and big rods there were three, also four and more globes.

These all started to fight among themselves, so that the globes, which were first in the sun, flew out to the ones standing on both sides, thereafter, the globes standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew into the sun. Besides the globes flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And when the conflict in and again out of the sun was most intense, they became fatigued to such an extent that they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth ‘as if they all burned’ and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west.

Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows. Although we have seen, shortly one after another, many kinds of signs on the heaven, which are sent to us by the almighty God, to bring us to repentance, we still are, unfortunately, so ungrateful that we despise such high signs and miracles of God. Or we speak of them with ridicule and discard them to the wind, in order that God may send us a frightening punishment on account of our ungratefulness. After all, the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that He may avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may temporarily here and perpetually there, live as his children. For it, may God grant us his help, Amen. 

By Hanns Glaser, letter-painter of Nurnberg.



Films depict Aliens as either benevolent beings or merciless conquerors.   If Aliens are warm and fuzzy creatures why have they not given the world or the (USA) technology that will save people from disease and stopped evil people from ruling countries?  The Weird Beards think Alien races or most of them, have a hand in who rules this world, be it through governments and corporations.  If this is true, then what is the end game?  Is it the dumbing down of humanity, so that humans become sheeple and will accept any order that BIG BROTHER gives?????  

Another idea according to some astute writers, like the late JIM MARRS, puts forth that the REPUBLICAN NEOCONS & DEMOCRAT GLOBALISTS who ran the USA /PRIOR/ to the 2016 election, were liked by the ETs.

This is why the USA or Earth was not warred upon and conquered.    The old cliches is --- WHY BUY THE COW IF YOU CAN GET THE MILK FOR FREE...

It is a fact that World Leaders by way of their corrupt policies and media propaganda have for the most part turned the populace into mental midgets who are easy to lead...  Hmmm?  Why govern a destroyed planet -- (BELOW)-- if one can have a ripe planet to harvest and its inhabitants are clueless cogs in a machine  --- why wake up the sheeple?  For example as in how ignorant Americans have become -- how many citizens know their U.S. CONSTITUTION?

There is no doubt that prior to 2016 election USA's middle class was shrinking and its borders were wide open, so maybe the late JIM MARRS (JOURNALIST) was onto something.  

As in the Aliens and world leaders want USA and RUSSIA to become countries led by globalists, rather than nationalists,  because if USA or RUSSIA falls to radical socialism-----  then these two countries lose their culture.  Consequently humanity is that much easier to conquer.

Wild IDEAS, but the USA & RUSSIA do lead the world when it comes to culture, economies and military might.  If the Aliens are warm and fuzzy good guys --- then why have they not showed up and helped humanity?  BELOW: Allan Pacheco's favorite sci-fi film -- ALIEN-BROADCAST

Or have the Aliens showed up, they are controlling the  public by way of corrupt leaders, media propoganda and (FAKE NEWS).  

If one can control a nation or world because its inhabitants can not think for themselves, then the new ruler or rulers  have an easy job...  As one wag put it, CNN is the modern  version of "INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS-1954" See below...


Do aliens want a world government that can control the Earth's populace?  Corporations want a world government so there is no challenge to their power and profit.  

The U.N. is all about one world government.  Maybe that is why the globalists want massive illegal migration, as in a no border world?  No borders = ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. 

Do Aliens want this as well. FACT: the weaker the opponent ---- the more corrupt the opponent  ---- the less analytical the opponent ----- the easier the job it will be in governing a world filled with opponents who are weak mentally and lack WILL-POWER.

Below is a film promo -1970- that in a odd way hints at world control by corporations, machines, etc...


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